Hi there! I’m Shinise Muse. I love to make food, hair products, and cleaning supplies from scratch. Talking about and eating good food is another one of my loves. I am a certified Integrated Health and Wellness Coach passionate about the totality of a person with a special focus on digestive health. I am a minister and devout Christian with three adult children, a wonderful husband and two animated Pitbulls (mom and her pup).

About 20 years ago, I was diagnosed with gastritis which developed into a peptic ulcer, GERD, and diverticulosis. Ouch, I know. Too many trips to the ER and my doctors telling me the same thing over and over again inspired my curiosity and eventually change. I made some big changes to my diet and started exercising but not enough. Later, I was told I’m pre-diabetic. Shocker to me. So sugar had to go along with a large list of other food eliminations. I was furious…at first. Then after consistently changing my lifestyle and food habits,  I started feeling much better and trips to the ER decreased.

I learned a lot in the process and still learning. I have moments where I want to just pig out and did sometimes and paid the price for it. So I’m learning to find the happy medium with not just my body but managing my emotions, spirit, and mentality as well.

I started this blog to track my journey, share my recipes, DIY’s, hold myself accountable and invite everyone to learn and grow with me. Wellness and healing take time and consistency.  I’m up for it, are you? Yes? Great, let’s do this!