Find Your Why

Before we jump into the wellness journey, there are some preliminary thought processes and decisions that need to be made. Like, what do you really want in life and why do you want it? People have a tendency to make time to do whats important to them. We do what we want to do. We spend time, energy and money on things that are a priority at the moment. Since life does happen moment by moment, let’s start with a grand vision. What do you want in life? Why do you want to accomplish these life goals?

Its true, motivations change…passions shift and over time, we change. Sometimes you may find you are motivated and ready to conquer the world, while other times you don’t even want to get off the sofa for a month. Something shifted. Let’s find out what it is and why? Sometimes it could be feeling burnt out, overworked, depression, a faulty strategy or you’ve forgotten why you are doing this in the first place. Balance and wellness can be restored. Finding your life wants and why are the first two steps.

STEP 1: What do you want in life? Go ahead write a list. Be honest with yourself. Don’t hold back. No need to judge yourself. No, the list doesn’t have to be about your dream job or your purpose specifically. The list is about everything you actually want.

STEP 2: Why do you want these things? Example: Why do you want to lose weight? To be healthy. Why do you want to be healthy? To look and feel great. Why do you want to look and feel a certain way? Oh yes, we are doing some soul searching today. You may surprise yourself with your answers and realize what you thought you wanted isn’t at all what you really want.

When writing my list, I was surprised to find a lot of things I thought I wanted wasn’t at all what I wanted in life. I found an earlier list I wrote that was so different from this current list. Somethings just either didn’t really matter anymore, immature or unrealistic thinking or I had already achieved it.

This list and finding the why was stimulated by my lack of desire to do the things I was great about doing before…exercising ( I actually enjoyed it before), eagerly reading one book a month, obsessively eating clean etc. Instead, my list reflected my priorities and passions revealing my lack of commitment to specific areas of my life. Now I know why. Don’t be alarmed or beat yourself up for not wanting the things you think you should want or used to want or what people think you should want. Instead, celebrate where you are in life now.

By doing this exercise, you will find out why you are or are not motivated, what do you want that you aren’t actively pursuing and discovering why you want what you want. What I found out by doing this exercise is that my actions didn’t match my desires. It seemed as if I was counterproductive. I also learned what my priorities are. Now that I know why I do or don’t do certain things, I can keep my why at the forefront of my mind. So no, I really don’t want to retire on my sofa for a month. I want to feel energized and productive. Now that you found your why, lets do this! Seriously, get committed to doing what you know you need to do to get what you really want. Knowing why you are doing it will keep you motivated and create an adrenaline rush when its go time.