Losers Let Feelings Win

Harsh reality I know. Acting on thoughts like, I don’t feel like exercising or I feel like giving up, makes you the loser in both scenarios. Successful people show up and get it done even when they don’t feel like it. Jeanette Jenkins quoted this and I have it pinned to my vision board as a daily reminder. The internal dialogue and battle within between feelings and responsibility can be exhausting and paralyzing. Forget about feelings. We have major life goals to accomplish. How do I shake my negative or unproductive feelings?

Get rid of excuses. If you are sleepy or exhausted, schedule your sleep and rest time differently. Get a full nights rest. Feeling overwhelmed or emotionally drained can cause your body to feel physically drained. Exercise, adult coloring or journalling are some great antidote for emotional depletion. Then get back into action mode.

Just do it. Put on your workout clothes or put the pen in your handPrepare for whatever you have been putting off and just do it. Say it out loud, “I’m going to do it right now.” Great! Now you actually have to do it. Do that one thing that will lead you to your goal.

Make it fun. This is a judgment-free zone right. Right! True story, in order for me to talk myself into working out when I really just wanted to sit down and watch Christmas movies, I decided why not combine the two. I sure did. I worked out for 20 mins watching a Christmas movie. It was weird but great. Make it fun. Pump up some music or a movie and get it done. Be creative.

Remember your why. Why are you on this journey to wellness? Practicing internal willpower will guide you through those inner wars between your emotions and mind. Bringing what you actually want in life into that internal dialogue will remind you to sync your goals and actions.

Consistency creates habits. The consistency of a specific behavior is what forms a habit. Do you want to be a slave to your feelings or have the freedom to live the life you have always wanted? The life you can have. It takes discipline. You are your own internal personal trainer. You have the power to create the life you want.

Feelings are also a built-in sensor vital to our survival. Sometimes preliminary actions are necessary. If you have been diagnosed with a condition or disease, follow doctors orders. Feeling tired all the time no matter how much you exercise or eat well can be a sign something else is out of balance. Listen to your body’s warning signs and act accordingly. Remember the goal is wellness and balance. Sometimes breaks are necessary. In all things use wisdom. You are your greatest gift. Take care of yourself and both inside and out.