Stevia in Refined Sugar out

Confession, I gave up sugar about two years ago except four times a year when I allowed myself one sugary treat. I had a cheat meal that lasted for two weeks. It started off small, like reduced sugar craisins in one of my recipes. Then I created a trail mix which included craisins. I don’t know how but the whole family size bag disappeared in a week. Truth is, I was the only one eating it. In a new state where there are a lot of local farms, I had to have farm fresh ice cream. You know to welcome me to the new state at least that’s what I told myself. Before I knew it, I was hooked again. I woke up after the first few days with three bumps (pimples) and serious stomach bloat. No more beautiful glowy skin and flat stomach. I didn’t even know sugar is one of the number one causes of acne. So, sugar had to go.

There a few nasty side effects that come with consuming sugar like, weight gain. You can gain weight faster with sugar than you can by consuming fatty food. More side effects of consuming sugar include acne, fatigue, diabetes, gastric discomfort, and other more serious health conditions. I’m not going to lie, I do like sugar, like a lot. Some people are just not into sugar. Lucky you. Sugar tastes great but not enough to say goodbye to beautiful skin and risk gastric discomfort and cause pre-diabetes symptoms to return.

To kick the habit all over again and on my quest to get rid of acne, I discovered something new, stevia leaf extract you can make at home. I already had dried stevia leaves at home as well as glycerine. Add water and pow yaw, you have easy homemade stevia leaf extract for a fraction of the cost. See the no alcohol liquid stevia leaf extract recipe here. White stevia powder found in local food stores are processed and contain stevia along with extra additives. Dried stevia leaves or ground stevia leaves in powder form are the best ways to ensure you are getting the 100% pure stevia. Stevia leaf extract is 3xs sweeter than refined sugar without the bitterness. Pure stevia leaves in dry form do have a bitter aftertaste.

There are other unrefined sugar options that I use in moderation. Coconut palm sugar is my favorite. Its low glycemic and as sweet as white sugar. Honey, agave and maple syrup are all unrefined sugar alternatives but has a higher glycemic index than the coconut sugar and should be consumed in moderation.

I can bake my sweets and eat it too without the sugar. So here we go on the sugar-free journey once again.